Looking for a way to get fit and meet new people? Interested in trying a new sport with your son or daughter? Need to get your child involved in a lifestyle sport that will build their strength and confidence? Karate combines strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination in one challenging, low impact workout! Banzai Karate Club, in operation since 1992, offers Shotokan karate programs in north, and central Calgary to people of all ages and abilities. The karate taught is authentic, traditional, shotokan karate.

Each class focuses on one or more elements of kihon (basic movements), kata (patterns of movements performed individually) and kumite (sparring).  Participation requires a higher level of fitness as well as the use of protective equipment.

Banzai is a member club of the Association of Shotokan Karate. Class curriculum is based on the Association of Shotokan Karate belt ranking system.  Please visit the ASK website for more information and see the Resources tab for the belt grading syllabus (www.associationofshotokankarate.ca).